Recycling paper at home is gathering your used paper, turning them into pulp, and drying them to make a new piece of useable paper. It has recently become popular, many people on the internet giving it a go themselves. It is a great activity to try especially during the quarantine.

I gave it a try myself, and to be honest, the first few tries didn’t go very well. They seemed to be too thick and weren’t writable. …

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Does homework really benefit the students? One great and known example is the schools in Finland. Schools in Finland are known for having little homework, long holidays, and overall spending lesser time in school but still ending high up on the global rankings.

In this article, we take a look at some of the benefits and disadvantages of homework.

Homework takes away free time after school

Students are already studying for hours in school, tiring them out. The time after school(and school can end late into the day) is a chance for them to have a rest and take part in non-academic interests. However, having homework forces…

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I think I can say this on behalf of most of the shy, awkward introverts: we may seem like we hate you, but trust us, we usually don’t. Do you know someone who is quite and always seem to be alone? Just because they don't talk to you often, doesn't mean they dislike you. Whether that person is your colleague, neighbor, schoolmate or some you just met, here are some things you should know about introverts.

We are not the best at communicating

especially with new people. We don't stay quiet or give awkward replies because we don't like you, its just because we really don't know…

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Photo by IMG_1979 from Pexels
Photo by IMG_1979 from Pexels

Some schools or countries make extracurricular activities in school compulsory, meaning a student would have to be in at least one activity to take part in, usually after school. A few common activities are basketball teams, dance clubs, scouts, science club (I know, kids want to study after class??), and many more. Of course, the type and the number of clubs vary from school to school, depending on funds, interests, and so on. Some schools may have lots of support, with great equipment that makes the activities great for the students. On the other hand, others may have very little…

What is the divergent series about?

For those of you who haven't read the dystopian divergent series by Veronica Roth is, it’s about a girl called Tris (Beatrice Prior) who lived in Chicago, a city surrounded by walls. Chicago was divided into five factions, Dauntless, Erudite, Amity, Candor, and Abnegation, which each represented different characteristics and purposes. Although most people belonged to only one faction, some belonged to two or more and were called divergent. The divergents were feared in the city, and many were mysteriously killed. …

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Hey, I’m a plant lover, and a constantly growing environmentalist.

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